A circular-economy fashion app

Uptaded GmbH
UX/UI Designer
October 2022 up to date

About the project

Circular economy in Fashion is a very niche market, how can we make it accessible for everyone?

How it started:

Uptraded is an Austrian start-up that promotes exchanging used clothes within your community as a first option before going to buy new items (often from irresponsible fast fashion brands).
They had very eager early adopters who really put in an effort to use the app, but it had some usability issues which turned out to be a deal-breaker for most people that downloaded the app out of curiosity.

The goal:

Make the platform more user friendly to it's current users and lessen the learning curve for new users.

My role

  • Conducted an audit of the existing app to identify areas that needed improvement.
  • Provided design support to the team to help with decision-making based on the findings from the user testing.
  • Led the UX/UI design process to enhance the overall functionality of the app.
  • Prepared user testing material.
  • Iterated based on user feedback.

Stage 1 of the project involved optimizing critical issues in the app's design to improve the user experience. The following steps were taken:

  1. Conducted an audit of the app's current design to identify problem areas where users were getting lost and frustrated.
  2. Designed possible solutions and established priorities for addressing the identified issues.
  3. Created and tested rapid prototypes with design proposals that encompassed the entire app to quickly understand what worked and what needed to be improved.
  4. Restructured the app's navigation and rethought its features to make it more intuitive for users.
  5. Prepared user interviews and corresponding guidelines and documentation for the client to conduct user testing, including questionnaires, consent forms, camera angles, environment setting, and interview conduct.
  6. Validated most of the design decisions through user testing and analyzed feedback to iterate and refine the design.
  7. After handing off the optimized design to the developers, the first stage of the project was completed and is currently being implemented in the first quarter of 2023.


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Stage 2 of the project - Optimising for mass adoption (on stand-by):

Moving onto the second stage of the project, the focus is on optimizing for mass adoption by planning and implementing strategies that will increase user engagement and adoption of the app.